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Did you mean d200?
Tripod and lens accessories[forum message]
MASTER YOUR TOOLS >> Tripods & Camera Support >> Tripod and lens accessories
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Posted by Shovelhead on 14-Jun-2018
aluminum and is adjustable to accept my D7100, D700 and D500 with or without...
RE: D lens issue w/D750[forum message]
MASTER YOUR NIKON CAMERA >> Nikon D750/D700 >> D lens issue w/D750
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Posted by tcerul on 16-Jun-2018
as they should. All testing, including using a friends D700 and her D lens...
RE: Stripes on images D810[forum message]
MASTER YOUR NIKON CAMERA >> Nikon D850, D810, D800 >> Stripes on images D810
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Posted by fisherd80fun on 18-Jun-2018
I had this EXACT issue with my D700 years ago......Turned out to be the card reader. Hope that is what yours is PS - After I loaded with a good reader, all the pics were absolutely fine. Good luck!...
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