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Retirement research[forum message]
CAFÉ >> English Café >> Retirement research
Topic replies: 120, views: 1180, archived
Posted by JonK on 17-Oct-2016
I’ve been retired for just over two years, and my wife is thinking about following suit. After almost fifty years in New York City with the restaurants and cultural activity, winters and high cost of living, it is time to beg ...
New 70-200mm f/2.8e ED VR II[forum message]
MASTER YOUR LENSES >> Nikkor Autofocus Lenses >> New 70-200mm f/2.8e ED VR II
Topic replies: 37, views: 673, archived
Posted by YYZ on 18-Oct-2016
I'm jonesing to add this lens to my new set up. I hear it through the grapevine that a new 70-200mm f2/8e FL ED VR is on the way. Should I wait or will the differences be minimal? ...
Kookaburra nest.[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION >> Wildlife >> Kookaburra nest.
Topic replies: 27, views: 233, archived
Posted by Hessy on 17-Oct-2016
I haven't seen a Kookaburra nest before though I had read that they nest in hollow tree's. I thought this one had a small snake when I first saw it, but it was a small lizard. The babies must be quite small as the bird was o ...
Looking for a quality compact camera[forum message]
MASTER YOUR NIKON CAMERA >> Non-Nikon Cameras >> Looking for a quality compact camera
Topic replies: 24, views: 390, archived
Posted by olivierrychner on 18-Oct-2016
Hi! As the title implies, I'm on the market for a quality compact to replace my battered Fuji X20 (which was an absolutely unnecessary replacement for a X10 that I should have kept, but let's not disgress)... I'm lookin ...
Road block (Dugite Snake).[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION >> Wildlife >> Road block (Dugite Snake).
Topic replies: 24, views: 213, archived
Posted by Hessy on 16-Oct-2016
In the Stirling Range National Park today, stopped to take wildflower pics and then couldn't continue because the road was blocked. Ray https://www.nikonians.org/forums/user_files/343639.jpg https://www.nikonians. ...
A few from "The Canyon"[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION >> Landscape >> A few from "The Canyon"
Topic replies: 22, views: 230, archived
Posted by marnigirl on 17-Oct-2016
All shot with a D300 and a Tamron 17-55mm at various settings. Miles listed are from put in at Lee's Ferry where all down river excursions must start from. Many times when I click the shutter, I just hope .... Website u ...
Purchasing a better camera vs new lense[forum message]
MASTER YOUR LENSES >> Nikkor Autofocus Lenses >> Purchasing a better camera vs new lense
Topic replies: 20, views: 431, archived
Posted by PPR on 16-Oct-2016
Aside from my family photo books I use my camera to photographs my architectural projects( I am an architect) which consist mostly of interior residential, restaurants and bars. Currently use the D7000 /12-24 DX lense. Havin ...
LR-6 Vs LR 2015 CC - missing features - deliberate ?[forum message]
MASTER YOUR TOOLS >> Adobe Post-Processing >> LR-6 Vs LR 2015 CC - missing features - deliberate ?
Topic replies: 20, views: 345, archived
Posted by PRSS on 16-Oct-2016
Hello I have perpetual license for LR 6. When I see tutorials for LR, mostly they are for LR 2015 CC. I found that there is a "Remove Haze" feature which would be very useful for landscapes, but I do not find it in my LR 6 ...
Monarchs[forum message]
POST YOUR PICTURES >> A Picture I Took >> Monarchs
Topic replies: 19, views: 161, archived
Posted by Cavy2 on 21-Oct-2016
Edit: Swapped out the pics this morning. Couldn't figure why they looked so pixelated. Somehow I switched the color space in processing...mystery solved. Had two of these in my garden all week. Hope they migrated s ...
Really Big Mushrooms[forum message]
POST YOUR PICTURES >> A Picture I Took >> Really Big Mushrooms
Topic replies: 18, views: 160, archived
Posted by dgknodle on 20-Oct-2016
I'll admit it. I love to find these giant mushrooms at this time of the year. They grow on, in or next to live or dead oak trees. These are edible and a lot of people love to find and cook them. I am NOT one of them, but ...
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