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Some of my Photos[forum message]
POST YOUR PICTURES >> A Picture I Took >> Some of my Photos
Topic replies: 36, views: 190, archived
Posted by Second Hand Pat on 21-May-2016
I signed up over a year ago so sort of re-introducing myself here and share a new photos. I am basically a beginner but have gotten serious over the last year and have make some nice process. I started with a D7000 and while ...
Rose-breasted Grosbeaks[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION >> Wildlife >> Rose-breasted Grosbeaks
Topic replies: 33, views: 193, archived
Posted by dgknodle on 21-May-2016
More of our summer residents which we always look forward to seeing. They do love to hide in the trees and bushes, but sometimes they will oblige me with a more open pose. The females are hard to tell apart, but the chest p ...
Pileated Woodpecker Family[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION >> Wildlife >> Pileated Woodpecker Family
Topic replies: 25, views: 152, archived
Posted by audiophileman2002 on 22-May-2016
All images taken by a Nikon D500 & Tamron 150-600mm The Dad - This is the full frame of the image as taken, NO cropping whatsoever https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7384/26513299593_d76e8cdbf3_b.jpg The Mom https://farm ...
Mirror image - sort of[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION >> Wildlife >> Mirror image - sort of
Topic replies: 24, views: 167, archived
Posted by Hessy on 20-May-2016
A couple of Red Wattle Birds having a scrap. Ray D7200 VR300mm f4 @ 1/500 f4 ISO200 https://www.nikonians.org/forums/user_files/332077.jpg ...
Osprey[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION >> Wildlife >> Osprey
Topic replies: 24, views: 195, archived
Posted by Kipmm on 20-May-2016
Caught this Osprey as it just lifted out of the Ocean he,s a little wet. kip D500 AF S 300mm F/2.8 +TC14Eii @F5.6 1/2000sec +.33ev ISO200 HH https://www.nikonians.org/forums/user_files/332129.jpg ...
Indigo Bunting (ISO 6400)[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION >> Wildlife >> Indigo Bunting (ISO 6400)
Topic replies: 24, views: 216, archived
Posted by Rickman on 19-May-2016
D500, Tammy 150-600 @ 600mm, 1/2000, f/8, iso auto (6400) https://www.nikonians.org/forums/user_files/331973.jpg ...
Gray Catbird and Orchard Oriole[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION >> Wildlife >> Gray Catbird and Orchard Oriole
Topic replies: 23, views: 183, archived
Posted by dgknodle on 19-May-2016
Catbirds are normally here in warm weather, but the Orchard Oriole must just be passing through. The catbird was singing and checking the area. The Oriole was just looking for worms and bugs! Both with the D500 and the Nik ...
A few Impala studies[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION >> Wildlife >> A few Impala studies
Topic replies: 22, views: 127, archived
Posted by AartPapaya on 22-May-2016
Impala is by far the most common antelope in the KNP and is therefore not regarded as worthy of a photo. They are however graceful and well worth spending time with. D810 ISO-280 f/6.3 1/320 600(150-600Sigma) HH. Reac ...
D810 or D750???[forum message]
MASTER YOUR NIKON CAMERA >> Nikon D810/D800 series >> D810 or D750???
Topic replies: 20, views: 225, archived
Posted by drg360 on 22-May-2016
Nikonians, I'm just curious, D810 or D750. Which camera would you select and why? Regards, Damian ...
Cardinal Staring Me Down - D500, iso 3200[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION >> Wildlife >> Cardinal Staring Me Down - D500, iso 3200
Topic replies: 20, views: 375, archived
Posted by Rickman on 18-May-2016
I think this guy sees me and would have preferred me not be there. D500/Tammy 150-600 @320mm, 1/1250, f/7.1, iso auto (3200) https://www.nikonians.org/forums/user_files/331873.jpg ...
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