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Mike Hagen's "Build a DIY Home Studio" video free broadcast (October 18, 2016)
DIY-Studio-SQ-110.jpgIn an ongoing effort to bring our Nikonians.org members value, we are running another free online workshop with CreativeLive on Monday, October 24th.

Our Nikonians Academy Director, Mike Hagen is teaching a new class titled Build a DIY Home Studio. In this practical, hands-on broadcast, you'll learn:

- How to find and create grip equipment by shopping at your local hardware store
- How to create a tabletop studio in your home
- How to put together and light a portrait studio on a budget.

CreativeLive workshops online (October 06, 2016)
CRLV-BOX-OUTLINE-sq_110.jpgWatch them live for free. You can also purchase previous workshops from them on hundreds of different topics.

Our Nikonians Academy Director, Mike Hagen has recommended a variety of workshops for Nikonians members focused on Travel, landscape and nature photography here.

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