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About NikoScope®
NikoScope® (www.nikoscope.com) is a search portal helping you to find photography friends and anything related to Nikon, photography and imaging technology from all around the world.

Do you want to find another photographer in your city to go out and shoot with? An easy task for NikoScope. Based upon your own location, NikoScope will show you other photographers being located close to you. If you are logged in and have filled in your user profile at Nikonians , NikoScope will also show you your Gear Twins, the photographers using the same equipment as you are.

Do you want to read what the experts say about the latest photography? Just make a search in the articles or forums.

Want to find updates or upgrades for your favorite raw converter software or imaging tool? Use NikoScope's search to get the best matches from over hundred hand-picked quality sites.

We now also help you find images fast and easy: We are indexing over 80,000 images from the member galleries daily.

Want to add your own, quality photography or imaging resource site to our index? Apply today using this link.

NikoScope® is online since 2005 and is growing steadily, both in index size and in attracted traffic. It is powered by Nikonians® ( www.nikonians.org ) which is the worlds largest community for Nikon® users, which gives us hundreds of thousands of documents to index.

If you have any ideas how you want to see NikoScope develop or if you want to give us feedback, please use the contact form .

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NikoScope® uses a modern, open source engine called Lucene in its core. On top of this engine, we at enprovia® have developed all the necessary functionality. The complete system has been written in Java and it runs on Linux. Local mirrors will be deployed for United States and Asia at a later date.

The current version of NikoScope uses a set of indexes, many of these are updated daily, others several times per week.


NikoScope® is powered and operated by Nikonians EMEA Ltd. We are not responsible for any of the content linked to by this search service and we are distinctively distancing ourselves from any and all content that is linked to by this service.

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