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Recommend a GPS[forum message]
MASTER YOUR NIKON CAMERA >> Nikon D810/D800 series >> Recommend a GPS
Topic replies: 36, views: 415, archived
Posted by jpope42 on 25-Mar-2015
I'm looking for opinions on the best GPS system to add to my D800. I shoot mostly travel and street and occasionally need photo with location data for work related stuff. So I'm looking for a sort of poll if what members have ...
D810 does fireworks[forum message]
MASTER YOUR NIKON CAMERA >> Nikon D810/D800 series >> D810 does fireworks
Topic replies: 25, views: 337, archived
Posted by GerryinAus on 25-Mar-2015
I thought that some of you may be interested in some firework photos taken with a D810. From Skyfire 2015 in Canberra. There is another photo in the A picture I took forum. All shots taken with D810, ISO 64, AF-S 14-24, ...
BIF Practice[forum message]
POST YOUR PICTURES >> Post for Critique >> BIF Practice
Topic replies: 22, views: 200, archived
Posted by Shovelhead on 26-Mar-2015
So a wise person on Nikonians told me that for BIFs go out and practice on some Seagulls, and I did. Thanks Don! D7100 70-200 f/2.8 AF-C 9 points f/5.6 1/2000 Manual Matrix ISO 320 some touch up in ViewNX2 ...
White Faced Heron, Focused![forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION >> Wildlife (Public) >> White Faced Heron, Focused!
Topic replies: 22, views: 166, archived
Posted by glxman on 27-Mar-2015
D700 Tamron 150 - 600 @ 600 1/2000sec, f8 ISO Auto, ISO 720 ......Gary http://www.nikonians.org/dcfp/user_files/300617.jpg ...
D800/800e ergonomics compared to D700/D300S[forum message]
MASTER YOUR NIKON CAMERA >> Nikon D810/D800 series >> D800/800e ergonomics compared to D700/D300S
Topic replies: 19, views: 192, archived
Posted by Nikon32250 on 27-Mar-2015
I currently use a D700 and a D300s. The main reason I like this combo is that the control layout is virtually the same on both cameras. It is so easy to switch back and forth. However, the D300s is getting old and I was think ...
Returning - A little advice please?[forum message]
GENERAL >> New & Returning Members >> Returning - A little advice please?
Topic replies: 19, views: 159, archived
Posted by ntime60 on 29-Mar-2015
Hi all, Subscribing again, after a small hiatus. Let's start this show off with some fireworks, shall we? I have a bad case of NAS. I'm still using my D300. Still somewhat happy with it. 85k clicks on it. I know ...
3rd Day Observations - Tamron 150-600[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION >> Wildlife (Public) >> 3rd Day Observations - Tamron 150-600
Topic replies: 19, views: 348, archived
Posted by marnigirl on 26-Mar-2015
Attached are some images from yesterday taken with the Tamron 150 - 600. Have added some remarks under each attachment. ALL feedback appreciated!! All images taken with Nikon D810, Aperture Priority f/7.1, ISO1000. Used u ...
Lightroom 5 won't import all my photos.[forum message]
MASTER YOUR TOOLS >> Adobe Post-Processing (Public) >> Lightroom 5 won't import all my photos.
Topic replies: 18, views: 213, archived
Posted by Linesider36 on 26-Mar-2015
To startI don't usually format my cards in my D7100 until I have to. Lately I have run into this problem. When I tried importing my raw pics into lightroom 5 only 50 images were imported out of 89. Same shoot, same day same e ...
My dream camera[forum message]
CAFÉ >> English Café (Public) >> My dream camera
Topic replies: 18, views: 373, archived
Posted by Georgia Overdrive on 27-Mar-2015
My dream camera would be a successor to the D610 but with 54 megapixels, 6,000 x 9,000. It would have a DX mode of about 4,000 x 6,000 (I know the crop factor is actually about 1.52 instead of 1.5.) So you would basically h ...
Oh My God[forum message]
POST YOUR PICTURES >> Post for Critique >> Oh My God
Topic replies: 18, views: 197, archived
Posted by massulo on 30-Mar-2015
Just got my 24-70 this evening, took this shot of Princess Daisey, Holy cow The only adjustments were color balance, a first for me. Its fast and fantastic D610 Nikon 24-70 F2.8 My only 2.8 lens F4 1/320 auto iso 640 ...
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