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I don't understand "Nikon Negativity"[forum message]
MULTILINGUAL NIKONIANS >> English Café (Public) >> I don't understand "Nikon Negativity"
Topic replies: 53, views: 799, archived
Posted by shipsdrummer on 17-Sep-2014
Forgive me if my thoughts aren't as lucid as they need to be but I'll try to explain what I mean. I'm a little late arriving to the party as I only started DSLR photography in 2006 with a D50 and kit lens so I don't have a ...
Football at night...picture and camera sugggestions?[forum message]
GENERAL FORUMS >> New to Photography (Public) >> Football at night...picture and camera sugggestions?
Topic replies: 32, views: 371, archived
Posted by Crochet on 14-Sep-2014
Hi, all. I am the new owner of a coolpixp600. The basic use of my camera at present is for football pictures at night. One of the main reasons I purchased this camera is the budget I have. The built in zoom seemed to be be ...
AF-S 58mm f/1.4G[forum message]
MASTER YOUR LENSES >> Nikkor Autofocus Lenses >> AF-S 58mm f/1.4G
Topic replies: 27, views: 301, archived
Posted by asiafish on 17-Sep-2014
Well after reading about, pouring over (drooling over?) images and saving my pennies, I finally received my AF-S Nikkor 58mm f/1.4G yesterday. At 1 meter I gave it a preliminary +5 AF micro-adjustment and then took the lens ...
Some Cheese to go with...?[forum message]
GET TO KNOW YOUR CAMERA & MASTER IT >> Nikon D750/D700 >> Some Cheese to go with...?
Topic replies: 25, views: 465, archived
Posted by rstcso on 15-Sep-2014
Would the D700 owners like some cheese to go with your whine? ;( Since there seems to be such vehemence from the D700-lovers toward the D750 in any post related only to questions pertaining to the D750, I thought the D700 ...
Nikon D810 & Shutter Release[forum message]
GET TO KNOW YOUR CAMERA & MASTER IT >> Nikon D810/D800/D800E >> Nikon D810 & Shutter Release
Topic replies: 24, views: 466, archived
Posted by osfield on 14-Sep-2014
Have just acquired my Nikon D810 after many happy years with Nikon D700. Am wondering abut buying wi fi adapter so can trigger shutter wirelessly as opposed to just ordinary everyday shutter release cable. I want to take all ...
Frustration with D7000 sensor cleaning[forum message]
GET TO KNOW YOUR CAMERA & MASTER IT >> Nikon D7100, D7000 >> Frustration with D7000 sensor cleaning
Topic replies: 22, views: 270, archived
Posted by N2extrm on 15-Sep-2014
I know this is a beaten topic, but I would just like some input from everyone. I have been having issues with dust or oil on my sensor since my D7000 was new. I have grown comfortable, maybe even cavalier about cleaning i ...
End of the Line[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION - BY SPECIALTY >> Infrared & Ultraviolet (Public) >> End of the Line
Topic replies: 18, views: 220, archived
Posted by Cavy2 on 14-Sep-2014
Gave the 14-24 lens a spin on the IR body. My trusty 18-200 is in for repair. One of the things I like the most about this is the shadows of the trees on the railcar. http://www.nikonians.org/dcfp/user_files/2 ...
Other D7100 users tempted by the D750?[forum message]
GET TO KNOW YOUR CAMERA & MASTER IT >> Nikon D7100, D7000 >> Other D7100 users tempted by the D750?
Topic replies: 17, views: 302, archived
Posted by DaveSoderlund on 17-Sep-2014
I am starting this thread to provide a place for D7100 users to share their ideas on an FX-to-DX transition in light of the recently-announced D750. First of all, let me say that I am a reasonably satisfied D7100 owner. I ...
No issues with my new D810[forum message]
GET TO KNOW YOUR CAMERA & MASTER IT >> Nikon D810/D800/D800E >> No issues with my new D810
Topic replies: 16, views: 330, archived
Posted by esantos on 16-Sep-2014
I just wanted to share with the members that I just got a D810 at my local Best Buy and the issue with the "bright pixels". Before I handed over my credit card I asked if it would be okay for me to jot down the serial numbers ...
Macro on DX[forum message]
MASTER YOUR LENSES >> Nikkor Autofocus Lenses >> Macro on DX
Topic replies: 16, views: 178, archived
Posted by Georgia Overdrive on 19-Sep-2014
The Nikkor 40mm DX says it has a maximum 1:1 ratio. Back in the 35mm film days, that meant that the image on the film was the same size as the object. What does it mean in DX format? ...
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