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Do They Stay Or Go?[forum message]
IMAGE SHARING - POST PICTURES FORUMS >> Critique, Artistic & Technical Advice >> Do They Stay Or Go?
Topic replies: 14, views: 136, archived
Posted by Bump57 on 23-Oct-2014
Greetings All! I got back last week from a 12 day photographic road trip to Maine and back to follow the fall colors. We drove the whole way, 4300 miles and hit 15 states. Anyway this image was taken in Maine on top of Ca ...
Do I have a focus issue?[forum message]
GET TO KNOW YOUR CAMERA & MASTER IT >> Nikon D7100, D7000 >> Do I have a focus issue?
Topic replies: 9, views: 165, archived
Posted by perucho57 on 23-Oct-2014
Hi everyone, After eading some posts about focus issues with he D7000, I decided to check my camera. I took several shots (4 are below) with the camera on a tripod, VR off, and with the focus point on the car's license pla ...
Assign a button for autofocus.[forum message]
GET TO KNOW YOUR CAMERA & MASTER IT >> Nikon D7100, D7000 >> Assign a button for autofocus.
Topic replies: 7, views: 113, archived
Posted by Shovelhead on 23-Oct-2014
trying to assign a button other than the shutter button for autofocus. Look through the manual and it does nothing but get me lost any help would be appreciated. Thanks ...
Want some upgrade advice please[forum message]
GET TO KNOW YOUR CAMERA & MASTER IT >> Nikon D750/D700 >> Want some upgrade advice please
Topic replies: 7, views: 66, archived
Posted by lautry on 23-Oct-2014
i have had a D7000 with grip and 18-200 lens for over three years. This was my first dslr and i have learned so much on this camera. Now i would like to take the next step and upgrade to fx. I have asked for a quote from Ador ...
PC/HD monitor issues[forum message]
MASTER YOUR TOOLS - Hardware & Software >> Computers, Tablets, Peripherals & Tethering Tools >> PC/HD monitor issues
Topic replies: 7, views: 39, archived
Posted by BillF3 on 23-Oct-2014
Couldn't find an answer in the forums so . . . Using a Thinkpad, i5, with 8gb RAM hooked up to an ASUS PA24Q monitor. When I use certain Lr or Ps filters such as HDR efx the sliders are slow to respond. Like a 1-2 second de ...
filter damage - can't get filter off[forum message]
MASTER YOUR LENSES >> Filters, Teleconverters & Lens Accessories >> filter damage - can't get filter off
Topic replies: 6, views: 72, archived
Posted by Georgia Overdrive on 23-Oct-2014
This happened to my camera today: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8ou611bwp4rt2dg/DSC_0577.JPG?dl=0 There is a solar filter with a plastic ring on the lens, then the B+W filter with a brass ring over it. The brass ring is be ...
Foothills Parkway Sunrise[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION - BY SPECIALTY >> Landscape (Public) >> Foothills Parkway Sunrise
Topic replies: 6, views: 95, archived
Posted by cchoc on 23-Oct-2014
Great Smoky Mountains National Park Not much to see in Cades Cove other than traffic and knuckleheads, so I pinned my hopes on sunrise this morning. Wasn't that great but it drew a crowd. ;-) D800E 24-70mm 1/60 sec @ f ...
new user[forum message]
GENERAL FORUMS >> New and Returning Members >> new user
Topic replies: 5, views: 33, archived
Posted by robhencop on 23-Oct-2014
Hi my name is rob new to the forum. Hope to be around a while and get some more knowledge ...
Hello[forum message]
GENERAL FORUMS >> New and Returning Members >> Hello
Topic replies: 5, views: 29, archived
Posted by TripleSeven on 23-Oct-2014
Hi, I'm new to Nikonians but not new to Nikon. Until 2008, I used a D70 (my first digital SLR; prior to that I had F3, FE, and F65 35mm SLRs) then a D80, with Sigma zoom lenses, shooting mostly maritime and wildlife subje ...
Through the fence[forum message]
IMAGE SHARING - POST PICTURES FORUMS >> Critique, Artistic & Technical Advice >> Through the fence
Topic replies: 5, views: 60, archived
Posted by drmanubmengi on 23-Oct-2014
D3200, 1/60s, f/5.6, 70-300mm @ 300mm, Handheld & Through the fence. Critiques are required. Dr. Manu Mengi Loves Photography & NikonVisit my Nikonians gallery (images.nikonians.org/galleries/showgallery.php?cat=500&pp ...
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