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The NikoniansThere are 7880 Nikonians mainly using Nikon D200. The NikoniansThere are 253608 Nikonians in United States.

Did you mean d750?
Photoshop News | photoshopnews.com[photo site]
Photoshop News | photoshopnews.com Photoshop News photoshopnews.com Home About Feature Stories Photoshop Profile Thomas John Knoll 10 Antartica Expedition What’s New in Photoshop CS4 by Martin Evening A Visit to Adobe Photosh ...
Introducing iccMAX[photo site]
by members of the Architecture Working Group, that goes beyond D50 colorimetry... will see are: Profile Connection Space ICC v4 has fixed D50 colorimetry... of illuminant (currently D50) and color matching functions (currently the CIE...
iccMAX[photo site]
Working Group, that goes beyond D50 colorimetry. The new specification... fixed D50 colorimetry, considered necessary until now to ensure... in the selection of illuminant (currently D50) and color matching functions...
For Owners of Digital SLRs[photo site]
last modified on 30-May-2015
/coupling systems such as the D100, D70, D50, N80, N65, N60, N5005, N4004 and older...
sRGB profiles[photo site]
to 'perceptual'. The profile contains the standard linearized Bradford D65 to D50... profiles), and the media white point tag is set to D50 (as is required for ICC v4...
ICC Frequently asked questions[photo site]
convert spectral data to XYZ? How can I convert D50 to D65?   Implementing color... you want to use (presumably D50). You do this for each wavelength... of websites such as http://www.cvrl.org/ . Q. How can I convert D50 to D65...
AI Conversions for Nikon Lenses[photo site]
last modified on 06-Nov-2014
on the “Electronic Only” bodies such as the N65, N80, D100, D50, D70, D70s, D80...
Making v2 profiles[photo site]
white point to D50 and apply chromatic adaptation and white point scaling...
2006 News Archives | nikondigital.org[photo site]
last modified on 28-Sep-2015
estimate) with entry level lens the successor to the D50 will be a hit... than the D50 and 4 oz lighter than the D80. Read the full release . Cameras... " sector, although weak early sales of the D50 were reported to have been...
Introduction to the ICC profile format[photo site]
this defines a standard illuminant of D50, the 1931 CIE standard colorimetric... and photography print viewing environment with a D50 illumination level of 500 lux...
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