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Yowzers, what a trip![forum message]
IMAGE SHARING - POST PICTURES FORUMS >> A Picture I Took >> Yowzers, what a trip!
Topic replies: 43, views: 370, archived
Posted by four eighty sparky on 27-Aug-2014
Just got back from vacation this afternoon. 8 states 19 days 4682 miles 10 Continental Divide crossings 3 DSLRs, 1 SLR, 1 compact and 1 flying camera 13 16 SD cards used (actually 26 'cause I use slots 2 as backup) T ...
Is it the lens, camera, or me?[forum message]
MASTER YOUR LENSES >> Nikkor Autofocus Lenses >> Is it the lens, camera, or me?
Topic replies: 29, views: 511, archived
Posted by jimray on 27-Aug-2014
In the sample image below the trees which were about 3/4 mile away aren't very sharp. The camera (D90)was on an Induro AT413 tripod with Induro BHD3 ballhead. The lens is the Nikkor 18-105 @ 18mm, f13, ISO 200, no filters. ...
Importance of a Fast Frame Rate...[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION - BY SPECIALTY >> Wildlife (Public) >> Importance of a Fast Frame Rate...
Topic replies: 29, views: 391, archived
Posted by dm1dave on 26-Aug-2014
... for wildlife photography. Whenever people express the need for a relatively high frame rate, we always here from people who do not understand why it can be important. They often insinuate that people asking for a fast ...
Bedienung der D7000[forum message]
NIKONPRODUKTE >> Nikon D7000/D7100 >> Bedienung der D7000
Topic replies: 26, views: 115, archived
Posted by Solus on 25-Aug-2014
Hallo Nikonians, aus dem Urlaub zurück - diesmal leider nur sehr kurz - habe ich folgende Frage an euch: Benutzt ihr eigentlich die beiden Positionen U1 und U2 auf dem Funktionswählrad der D7000? Manchmal ist man einfach ...
Needles & Milky Way - South Dakota[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION - BY SPECIALTY >> Landscape (Public) >> Needles & Milky Way - South Dakota
Topic replies: 26, views: 208, archived
Posted by esantos on 27-Aug-2014
One last one of the Milky Way shot at the Needles Highway in South Dakota. This is one I pre-visualized as we spent the evening shooting the sky with the granite formations as a foreground. I envisioned that as the Milky Way ...
Boston Waterfront[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION - BY SPECIALTY >> Infrared & Ultraviolet (Public) >> Boston Waterfront
Topic replies: 25, views: 181, archived
Posted by matcam on 28-Aug-2014
A couple of shots taken last week during a lunch time walkabout near my office. C&C welcome as always. Intercontinental Hotel http://www.nikonians.org/dcfp/user_files/284799.jpg Rose of Sharon http://www.nik ...
More on that strange Auto ISO and flash behavior[forum message]
GET TO KNOW YOUR CAMERA & MASTER IT >> Nikon D7100, D7000 >> More on that strange Auto ISO and flash behavior
Topic replies: 24, views: 254, archived
Posted by syncrasy on 29-Aug-2014
I've just received my new D7100 (to "replace" a D300). In testing the Auto ISO feature in the D7100, I noticed that using flash appears to have no effect on the ISO, contrary to expectations. My tests were done in P (programm ...
Hummingbirds-Nature's focus challenge [forum message]
IMAGE SHARING - POST PICTURES FORUMS >> A Picture I Took >> Hummingbirds-Nature's focus challenge
Topic replies: 23, views: 181, archived
Posted by greyface on 26-Aug-2014
If you have ever tried to photograph one, you'll understand. D810 Iso 560 Tamron 150-600 @ 600mm f/8 1/4000 sec. http://www.nikonians.org/dcfp/user_files/284659.jpg ...
D7100 and...[forum message]
GET TO KNOW YOUR CAMERA & MASTER IT >> Nikon D7100, D7000 >> D7100 and...
Topic replies: 21, views: 393, archived
Posted by Larry E30 on 27-Aug-2014
COMMENT - went to Costco again - tried the D7100 again(mine will be coming in soon); -I did notice there's enough layout similar to D90 (which I just sold). - Size is not too different - bet the D7100 is slightly larger. ...
L firmware[forum message]
GET TO KNOW YOUR CAMERA & MASTER IT >> Nikon D810/D800/D800E >> L firmware
Topic replies: 21, views: 411, archived
Posted by jbloom on 26-Aug-2014
I don't know if anyone mentioned this... I didn't notice it if they did. The 'L' firmware in my D810 is version 2.005. That's interesting because a number of other bodies' firmware has just been updated to allow for use of L ...
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