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Moon Exposure and LR5 settings[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION - BY SPECIALTY >> Astrophotography >> Moon Exposure and LR5 settings
Topic replies: 22, views: 548, archived
Posted by BobG55 on 15-Dec-2014
Hello everyone. I was attempting to capture the moon this morning using my D750 and Tamron 150-600. Exposure was manual 1/5 sec, f20 and iso 100 at 600mm. Camera was on a tripod, remote mirror up, then took photo. When ...
At The Coast[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION - BY SPECIALTY >> Wildlife (Public) >> At The Coast
Topic replies: 20, views: 234, archived
Posted by rb4good on 15-Dec-2014
Several birds from this past week at a local state park along the coast. D7100,300mmF4,1.4tc Blue-headed Vireo(a late bird for here),F/6.3@1/1600,ISO 800 http://www.nikonians.org/dcfp/user_files/293475.jpg Fox Spa ...
Legal Question[forum message]
MULTILINGUAL NIKONIANS >> English Café (Public) >> Legal Question
Topic replies: 19, views: 315, archived
Posted by Scotty on 16-Dec-2014
Hi Guys, just need some input here...I recently covered a Choir Concert for a local group in Ely Cathedral...client paid and was really happy with the pictures...she is using them for her own promotions as agreed. The ...
Icy[forum message]
Topic replies: 18, views: 157, archived
Posted by Ineluki on 15-Dec-2014
http://www.nikonians.org/dcfp/user_files/293542.jpg ...
Venice in late April[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION - BY SPECIALTY >> Travel >> Venice in late April
Topic replies: 18, views: 176, archived
Posted by Bill Kennedy on 15-Dec-2014
In late April my wife and I will be spending a week in Venice, then taking an overnight train to Vienna for a week. We will be traveling very light (only carry-on baggage). My normal light weight kit is a D7100 with a 18-1 ...
Letter to Santa[forum message]
MULTILINGUAL NIKONIANS >> English Café (Public) >> Letter to Santa
Topic replies: 17, views: 291, archived
Posted by jrp on 18-Dec-2014
What (photography related) is in your letter to Santa? ...
Morning Stretch[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION - BY SPECIALTY >> Wildlife (Public) >> Morning Stretch
Topic replies: 17, views: 198, archived
Posted by rb4good on 16-Dec-2014
A juvenile Northern Harrier having an early morning stretch before going out to hunt for breakfast. D7100,300mmF4,1.4tc,manual,F/6.3@1/1600,ISO 400 http://www.nikonians.org/dcfp/user_files/293553.jpg http://www.n ...
CT shoreline birds[forum message]
MASTER YOUR VISION - BY SPECIALTY >> Wildlife (Public) >> CT shoreline birds
Topic replies: 17, views: 155, archived
Posted by labtrout on 14-Dec-2014
I spent a nice morning at Hammonasset State Park shooting a variety of birds. Here are a couple: Great blue heron taking off: D7000, 300mm f4 with TC-14II, ISO 320, 1/3200th, f6.3 http://www.nikonians.org/dcfp/user_fil ...
Nikon SB910 Speedlight VS Elinchrom Quadra or similar for Weddings[forum message]
MASTER YOUR TOOLS - Hardware & Software >> Nikon Speedlights & Lighting >> Nikon SB910 Speedlight VS Elinchrom Quadra or similar for Weddings
Topic replies: 16, views: 166, archived
Posted by nsilvaphoto on 16-Dec-2014
Hello, I a primarily a lifestyle portrait and wedding photographer, though I also do fashion from time to time. When it comes to the weddings, I am in the process of overhauling my lighting system and I was thinking eit ...
What's Your Opinion About DxO? [forum message]
MASTER YOUR LENSES >> 3rd Party Autofocus Lenses >> What's Your Opinion About DxO?
Topic replies: 15, views: 177, archived
Posted by jim50 on 17-Dec-2014
In my quest to elevate my photography knowledge & skills, I's constantly running across new info, etc. One of the most recent is a website called DxO which appears to provide testing & reviews of cameras, lens, etc. In my ini ...
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