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Nikon News
Transporting a lot of gear? Think Tank Photo's Production Manager 40 is here for you (September 17, 2014)
Think Tank Photo just released the Production Manager 40, a professional-strength, high-capacity rolling gear case designed to safely transport a large amount of lighting equipment, including room for multiple flash heads, power packs, monoblocks, softboxes, and light-stands.

Busy October for Nikonians Academy (September 16, 2014)
Academy-Logo-sq-Df_200.jpgNikonians Academy Director Mike Hagen is finishing up the Galapagos Photo Adventure and when he gets back, he won't have much time to unpack.

Mike is bringing back (by popular demand) the Lightroom and iTTL wireless flash workshops for the Los Angeles and Seattle Masters Series scheduled for October

Gear Twins

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